On October 16th and 17th, a brainstorming session took place where the members of the Executive Committee (ExCo) of the IEA Hydrogen TCP gathered at the Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias to discuss and review the 2025-2030 Strategic Plan. During the meeting, ideas and proposals were gathered in order to draw up an updated Strategic Plan to present in the upcoming Request for Extension (RfE) 2025-2030 to the IEA Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies that belongs to the Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT).

As a result of the active participation of ExCo Members during the brainstorming sessions, both in person and online, valuable targets were identified for the RfE´s next steps.

In the days that followed the 95 ExCo Meeting, -October 18th & 19th – the ExCo Members had the opportunity to participate in The International Conference on Green Hydrogen and E-Fuel organized by the Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias. Some ExCo members were speakers during the conference and presented updates on hydrogen projects, highlighting the key role that international collaboration plays in achieving decarbonisation goals.

At the International Conference on Green Hydrogen and E-Fuel, attendees also had the chance to participate in the inauguration of a relevant R&D pilot project on hydrogen and E-biofuels production – the Biogreenfinary. During its inauguration, the organizer carried out a tour of the Biogreenfinary´s facilities and participants had the opportunity to ask questions about the project.


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