The 4th in-person meeting of IEA TCP Hydrogen Task 43 on hydrogen safety took place at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Germany, on April 9-12. It was attended by over 40 experts including 10 experts remotely. The meeting agenda comprised of the progress review and discussions on all Subtasks A-F including over 20 presentations delivered by the meeting participants.

One of the meeting highlights was a unique opportunity to visit the first world sLH2 (sub-cooled liquid) hydrogen refueling station for heavy duty road vehicles. The facility is equipped with a 2.8 t liquid hydrogen storage tank and is used to refuel new Daimler Class 8 trucks (Fig.1).

Figure 1. Task 43 participants at the exclusive tour of the 1st in the world sLH2 fueling station.

Participants also visited the most advanced hydrogen research and testing facilities at the KIT:

  • HYKA lab, which is equipped with different test rigs including an advanced chamber for investigation of hydrogen detonation in a turbine (Fig. 2), special enclosure for composite tanks refueling testing and other test vessels, one of each is currently used for liquid hydrogen experimental campaign of the performative Elvhys project Fig. 3);
  • CryoMak laboratory for testing of different materials in cryogen conditions up to 4K (the temperature of liquid helium) (Fig. 4). This laboratory has its own helium liquefier wich is used for the production of liquid helium directly at the laboratory;
  • NOTE: KIT ITES H2 cryogenic hydrogen test facilities at Hochstetten used for large scale releases and tests of performative projects such as Preslhy and Elvhys