At the end of April, with the first days of spring and the light of Provence, Task n°44 of the IEA/Hydrogen TCP (International Energy Agency / Hydrogen Technology Cooperative Program) held its first meeting in person. The meeting was held in the heart of the city of Marseille to be closer to the regional industrial hubs working on the hydrogen sector.

This first meeting since the creation of this Task in Feb. 2023 made it possible to unite the members of this Task (23 people present) and also to visit regional centres of development and innovation on hydrogen for a future decarbonized regional economy.

In particular, the visit of JUPITER 1000 ( presents the integrated demonstration of hydrogen production by electrolysis (PEM and Alkaline) and the production of e-methane to blend these products into the gas network in the industrial zone of Fos sur Mer. This unique experimental feedback at the heart of industrial needs, is a true example of effective collaboration between R&D, manufacturers and end users.

The second half-day visit allowed us to visit the site of Aix en Provence l’Arbois (area of technological incubators) a start-up which is developing an original solution for storing hydrogen in a liquid organic (HYSILABS,, and a more confirmed company (HELION of the ALSTOM group, which produces high-power stacks (PEM-type fuel cells) for heavy mobility (trains, maritime cargos) and stationary.

Explanation of the HELION CEO to the Task 44 group

Explanation of the HELION CEO to the Task 44 group

The diversity of the members of Task 44 (academic, safety specialist, R&D, engineering, industrials, codification & standards specialists, NGOs, members of the Ministry of Energy, economist, members of start-ups, specialists in informational watching, etc.) showed that an excellent synergy was created between all these members to holistically understand the complex but so promising ecosystem of hydrogen production coupled with a nuclear energy source. Beyond the technical aspect of this workshop, the city of Marseille has been able to use its charm, its diversity and its attractiveness to make these exchanges fruitful and casual!