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  • Task 40: Energy Storage and conversion based on hydrogen

Task 40: Energy Storage and conversion based on hydrogen

2019-2021 (extended until 2024)
Task Manager: Dr. Michael Hirscher


General Objectives

  • Develop reversible or regenerative hydrogen storage materials (solid or liquid) fulfilling the technical targets for mobile and stationary applications.
  • Develop the fundamental and engineering understanding of hydrogen storage materials and systems that have the capacity of fulfilling Target I.
  • Develop materials and systems for energy storage and conversion based on hydrogen, including hydrogen storage for use in stationary, mobile and portable applications, electrochemical storage, and solar thermal heat storage.

Specific Objectives

Task Structure

Eight working groups are planned:

  • Porous materials (coordination polymer framework compounds, MOFs, ZIFs, COFs, and carbon-based compounds)
  • Magnesium- and intermetallic alloys-based hydrides for energy storage
  • Complex hydrides (borohydrides, alanates, amides/imides-systems, magnesium-based compounds, reactive hydride composites
  • Ammonia and reversible liquid hydrogen carriers
  • Catalysis
  • Electrochemical storage of energy (MH-batteries, ion-conduction)
  • Hydride-based thermal energy storage
  • Research and development for hydrogen storage and compression

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