Task 46: Offshore Hydrogen Production

Task Manager: Paulo Partidário

General Objectives

The general objective of the OH2P Task is to build and facilitate a commonly integrated Offshore Hydrogen Production System approach, which enables to provide an international R&I collaboration platform as well as to produce recommendations and guidance to related decision-making processes.

Specific Objectives

The following specific objectives are considered:

  • To design, assess and promote effective and applicable guide-lines on main OH2P value chain technologies, systems integration and configuration variants
  • To discuss and propose an OH2P enabling framework
  • To address in a systemic and sustainable way the current relevant gaps, the efficiency optimization opportunities, the key challenges and the drivers within that framework
  • To engage an international community of stakeholders
  • To produce a roadmap and disseminate recommendations
  • To promote evidence-based policymaking


Task Structure

Subtask 1: Management & Communication

  • Activity 1-Management and Planning
  • Activity 2- Communication

Subtask 2: H2 production from offshore wind – resources and technology

Two main routes: (i) Hybrid wind farms (fixed and floating); (ii) Dedicated wind farms

  • Activity 1 – Spatial planning and trends on (fixed or floating) offshore wind
  • Activity 2 – Dedicated wind farms for H2 production, building blocks & system design
  • Activity 3 – Hybrid wind farms, building blocks & system design
  • Activity 4 – Operations & Maintenance for the two main routes

Subtask 3: OH2 system-based value chains, business models and best practices

  • Activity 1 – Products and product-service systems
  • Activity 2 – Costs of the OH2 production system: Capex, Opex, Gap filling
  • Activity 3 – Geo spatial techno-economic cost models
  • Activity 4 – Offshore hydrogen markets, trading, and uncertainty sources
  • Activity 5 – Components manufacturing and key materials
  • Activity 6 – Decommissioning and circular economy

Subtask 4: Cross-cutting issues

  • Activity 1 – Regulation, Standards and Certification
  • Activity 2 – Environment impacts and social acceptance
  • Activity 3 – IA-based preventive maintenance: incl. corrosion prevention and control, and remote monitoring
  • Activity 4 – Safety management

Subtask 5: Strategic Planning and road mapping

  • Activity 1 – Strategic planning
  • Activity 2 – Roadmapping