Webinars & Workshops

january, 2023

Past Events

  • IEA Transport Working Group (08/12/2022)
  • IETS 35th ExCo Meeting

Vice-chair Marcel Weeda gave a status report on the Hydrogen TCP. Find the presentation here.

  • Spanish Hydrogen Association 20th Anniversary (22/11/2022)

Marina Holgado, Technical Secretariat Coordinator, introduced the Hydrogen TCP. Find the presentation here.

  • EU4ENERGY Policy Forum: Hydrogen (22/11/2022)

Olmar Rubio, Technical Secretariat Assistant, presented an “Introduction to the Hydrogen TCP”. Find the presentation here.

  • Monaco Hydrogen Forum 2022 (21/11/2022)

Paul Lucchese, IEA Hydrogen TCP Chair, participated in the panel Innovation Hubs: Building Centers of excelence in transportation and renewable hydrogen.

Find the congress program here.

  • World Hydrogen Congress 11/10/2022

Hydrogen TCP vice-chair Marcel Weeda, chaired the Stream A” Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production”. Find the presentation here.

  • 82nd REWP Working Party, 18/10/2022

Marina Holgado, Technical Secretariat Coordinator, presented the Annual Briefing from 2022. Find the presentation here.

  • H2LAC 2nd Hydrogen Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean 04/10/2022

Marina Holgado, Technical Secretariat Coordinator, participated in the panel “Form pilot to commercially-viable projects: how do we make the leap”.

  • “Clean Hydrogen: A Call for Action” side-event in the Global Clean Energy Action Forum, 22/09/2022, Pittsburgh

Paul Lucchese participated in the second panel of the side event. Find his intervention here.

  • IEA Transport Coordination Group Meeting 2022 (22/09/2022)

Find the presentation by Paul Lucchese here.

  • Task 40 Expert’s Meeting, 21/09/2022, Madrid

Pilar Argumosa, as Spanish representative presented “Spanish contribution to the Hydrogen TCP”. Find it here.

  • Hydrogen economy development in the European dimension. Ways for mutually beneficial international cooperation, organized by State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, 04/08/2022, Online

Marina Holgado presented “International cooperation on hydrogen R&D: the Hydrogen TCP”. Find it here.

  • Clean Hydrogen Mission Workshop R&I: Opportunities, Challenges and Way Ahead, 04/08/2022

Access here to the presentation “Main challenges for rapid hydrogen deployment”.

  • G7 Hydrogen Action Pact Workshop, organized by IRENA, 07/07/2022, Online

Paul Lucchese presented “Hydrogen TCP work on safety and certification” find it here.

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 30/06/2022, Istambul

Access here to the presentation “The Hydrogen TCP for WHEC 2022”

  • World Power to X Summit, 23/06/2022, Marrakech

Download here the presentation “Hydrogen TCP, the key to international R&D collaboration” by Marina Holgado.

  • Nuclear Science Commitee, 10/05/2022, Online

Find here the presentation by Paul Lucchese.

  • European Hydrogen Energy Conference, 20/05/2022, Madrid

Presentation by Marcel Weeda on “Introduction to the Hydrogen TCP” here.

  • Hydrogen Online Workshop, 03/03/2022

Presentation by Paul Lucchese on “How to overcome the main hurdles for massive hydrogen deployment” here

  • Hydrogen Economy Europe, 02/12/2021, Online

Find the presentation by Paul Lucchese on “International Collaboration in R&D to Unlock Hydrogen Potential” here.

  • EGRD Webinar on Hydrogen in the Energy System Decarbonization, 24/11/2021, Online

Download here the presentation on “Hydrogen TCP, the key to international R&D collaboration” by Marina Holgado.

  • Green Hydrogen Production Workshop, ERA, 04/11/2021, Online

Download here the presentation by the Hydrogen TCP.

  • ERRA Webinar on Hydrogen, 04/11/2021, Online

Presentation on “The Road to Hydrogen Future” by Paul Lucchese here.

Video of the event here.

  • Task 39 Hydrogen in the Maritime Final Workshop, 27/10/2021, Online

Read the summary and access all available materials here.

  • Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe, 20-21/10/2021, Bremen, Germany

Download the presentation on “The importance of collaborative R&D in the hydrogen sector” by Erik Busche here.

  • Power to Hydrogen and Hydrogen to X Joint Workshop IEA- IEA Hydrogen TCP, 1/07/2021, Online

Find more information here.

  • ETIP Bioenergy 17th Steering Committee Meeting, 16/06/2021, Online

The role of hydrogen from renewable carbon resources (H2 from Biomass/ H2 for Bioenergy) presentation by Marina Holgado 


  • EUBCE, 26-29/04/2021, Online

The role of hydrogen from renewable resources to decarbonize industry, transport and grids presentation

  • UNECE’s Resource Management Week, 03/04/2021, Online

Underground Hydrogen Storage presentation by Serge van Gessel

  • Hydrogen in Society: Bridging the gaps, 07/04/2021, Online

Read about Paul Lucchese’s intervention as Chair of the Hydrogen TCP here.

  • Over-capacity, diversification or storage: where are the thresholds that maximise flexibility in RES-based systems? 11/03/2021, Online 

Organized by the Integrated Electricity Systems Coordination Group – End Uses Working Party, IEA

Power-to-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-to-X Presentation

  • IEA Fossil Energy Working Party, 11/12, 2020, Online

The role of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels in the decarbonization of transport

  • European Nuclear Society Workshop: Synergy between nuclear energy and hydrogen economy. A path towards affordable zero-carbon electricity, 10/12, 2020, Online

IEA’s vision of hydrogen Presentation 

  • IEA End Uses Working Party,09/12, 2020, Online 

The role of hydrogen in the decarbonization of industry

  • Webinar Global Gas Centre – Port de Marseille, 26/11, 2020, Online 
  • IEA Transport Coordination Group 16/11, 2020, Online
  • L’Hydrogène, Opportunités d’industrialisation au Maroc et retour d’expérience de l’industrie Française, 28/10, 2020, Online 
  • IEA Academy Session -Today in the lab tomorrow in energy. 22/10, 2020, Online
  • IEA Renewable Energies Working Pary (REWP) 30/09 and 01/10, 2020, Online
  • IEA Renewable Energies Working Plan. 6th International TCP Meeting and Webinar on Storage, 07/04, 2020, Online
  • WKO AFCO, 2020, Viena 

Hydrogen TCP presentation on H2B Tapping Hydrogen’s Potential: an IEA Hydrogen Perspective

  • Workshop on Hydrogen Production with CCS, 2019, Chatou, France 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Perspectives on hydrogen and IEA hydrogen activities

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Overview: Hydrogen Production. Today and Tomorrow

  • Electricity system revolution, NEA Workshop, 2019, Boulogne France

IEA Hydrogen presentation on The role of Hydrogen in the energy transition

  • International Hydrogen Forum, 2019, Rotorura, NZ

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Australian Update

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Hub for Collaboration in Hydrogen R,D&D

IEA Hydrogen presentation on IEA Hydrogen TCP 80th ExCo Meeting & Hydrogen Forum

IEA Hydrogen presentation on New Zealand Overview

  • AREDAY, 2019, Snowmass, CO

IEA Hydrogen presentation on The Hydrogen Space Update & Overview

  • Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, 2019, Washington, D.C.

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Energy Transitions and the Global Energy Value Chain. The Future of Hydrogen: Seizing today’s opportunities

  • 16th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems, 2018, Guangzhou

Task 32- Application of Hydrides in H2 Storage and Compression

Task 32- Catalytic hydrogenation and dehydrogenation

Task 32- Electrochemical Energy Storage

Task 32- Heat Storage using Metal Hydrides

Task 32- Hydrogen storage in porous materials

Task 32- Magnesium Based Materials for H2 Based Energy Storage

Task 32- The 20 Years of Complex Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2018, Rio de Janeiro

Task 39- Hydrogen in Maritime Transport Presentation

  • Electrofuels Workshop, 2018, Brussels
  • Stakeholder Workshop on Hydrogen Safety, 2017, Hamburg

EC-JRC contribution to IEA-H2 Task 31 and the new version of the Hydrogen Incident Accident Database (HIAD) Presentation

Task 37 – Hydrogen Safety Presentation

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Safety and Sustainability

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2017

IEA Hydrogen Technology diplomacy in practice Presentation

  • ICHS 2017

IEA Hydrogen: Safety and Sustainability Presentation

  • Fuel Cell Seminar, 2017

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Collaboration in Hydrogen R,D&D

  • EFC, 2017

IEA Hydrogen Vision and R,D&D: Current perspectives, future prospects Presentation

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2016, Zaragoza, Spain

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Cultivating Sustainability In the Climate Change Era

Task 29- Distributed Community Hydrogen (DISCO-H2) Presentation

Task 32- Hydrogen-based Energy Storage Presentation

Task 33- Local Hydrogen Supply for Energy Applications Presentation

Task 36- Harmonized Life Cycle Impacts of Renewable Hydrogen Presentation

Task 38- Power to H2 and H2 to X Presentation

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Technology diplomacy in practice

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2015, Sydney, Australia

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global RD&D Collaboration

  • HYPOTHESIS XI, 2015, Toledo, Spain 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Recent results and strategic direction

  • ICHS, 2015, Yokohama, Japan

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Activities: R,D&D Collaboration in the Evolving Hydrogen World

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2014, Gwangju

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Introduction and Overview 2009-2015

IEA HIA: Strategic Direction 2015-2020

Task 28- Large-scale Hydrogen Delivery Infrastructure Presentation

Task 29- Distributed and Community Hydrogen (DISCO-H2) Presentation

Task 30- Global Hydrogen Systems Analysis Presentation

Task 32- Hydrogen-based Energy Storage Presentation

Task 33- Local Hydrogen Supply for Energy Applications Presentation

  • ITF 2014 Annual Summit, Leipzig, Germany

Presentation on Hydrogen as Transport Fuel

  • Energy Storage, 2012, Luxembourg

Presentation on Hydrogen: missing link for a sustainable energy system

  • 4th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2011, Dalian, China

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Collaborative R,D&D Hydrogen Portfolios

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Hydrogen Energy in the Developing World: A Leapfrogging Opportunity

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Enhancing Future Prospects for Hydrogen

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Harmony in International H2 collaboration 

Task 21- Bio-inspired and Biological Hydrogen Production Presentation

  • 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2010, Essen, Germany

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Sustainable International Framework & Strategies for Collaborative RD&D in Hydrogen Energy

  • World Economic Congress, 2010, Montreal, Canada 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Enhancing Prospects for Hydrogen in the Energy Mix

  • Fuel Cell Seminar, 2010, San Antonio, Texas, USA 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Positioning Hydrogen for a Global Marketplace through R,D&D, Analysis and Outreach

  • National Hydrogen Association Conference & Expo, 2010, Long Beach, CA

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Production and Other Activities: Current and Prospective 2009-2014

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2009, New Delhi, India

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Strategic Plan for the Next Five Years 2009-2014

  • S4FE, 2009, Rome, Italy

IEA Hydrogen presentation on R,D&D Portfolio and Fossil Fuels with a Hydrogen Future

  • Fuel Cell Seminar, 2008, Phoenix, Arizona

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Cooperation in the Field of Hydrogen Energy

  • Roads2HyCom with IEA Hydrogen Workshop, 2008, Athens, Greece

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Collaboration in Hydrogen R,D&D

  • 17th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2008, Brisbane, Australia 

Task 19 Hydrogen Safety Effort In Developing Uniform Risk Acceptance Criteria For The Hydrogen Infrastructure Presentation

IEA Hydrogen presentation on R,D&D to Supply Hydrogen Energy For a Changing World

  • 20th World Energy Congress, 2007, Rome

IEA Hydrogen presentation on A Model R,D&D Collaboration in an Interdependent World

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2007, Montecatini, Italy

IEA Hydrogen presentation on R,D&D Contributions to Hydrogen Sustainability

  • 16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2006, Lyon, France

Three Decades of Collaborative Hydrogen R&D Presentation