Webinars & Workshops

Past Events

  • 85th REWP Meeting , 11-12/04/2024 Paris (France)
    Hydrogen TCP Chair, Paul Lucchese CP Chair presented the strategic communication plan for the TCP’s next 5 years and provided an update on the status of the Hydrogen Coordination Group, led by the Hydrogen TCP. Check the presentation here.
  • IEA´s first Energy Innovation Forum, 13-14/02/2024 Paris (France)
    Hydrogen TCP Chair, Paul Lucchese, attended the IEA´s first Energy Innovation Forum, kicking off the IEA´s 2024 Ministerial Meeting. Chair’s presentation addressed the topic BREAKOUT: TECHNOLOGY FOCUS: INDUSTRIAL HEAT.
  •  84th Renewable Energies Working Party, 6-7/11/2023 Online
    Chair, Paul Lucchese, and Technical Secretariat, Olmar Rubio García, attended the 84th Renewable Energies Working Party, an internal meeting organized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and they presented the IEA Hydrogen TCP as well as the Hydrogen TCP Annual Briefing.

-Find Introduction to the IEA Hydrogen TCP presentation here.

-Find Hydrogen TCP Annual Briefing here.

  • TCP Universal Meeting 2023, 25-26/10/2023, Paris (France)

– Chair Paul Lucchese introduced the IEA Hydrogen TCP history in Session 2. Find the presentation here.

– Chair Paul Lucchese presented the Coordination Group on Hydrogen in Session 5. Find the presentation here.

  • Hydrogen TCP – Task 42 Underground Hydrogen Storage External Stakeholder Webinar, 12/10/2023, Online 

Find the presentations here and here

    • Serge van Gessel, Task Manager:            Introduction on Task42
    • Paul Luchesse, Chair Hydrogen TCP:       Introduction on Hydrogen TCP
    • Katriona Edlmann:                                        Geochemical and Microbial Processes
    • Sam Xie:                                                          Storage Integrity
    • Ed Hough:                                                       Storage Performance and Screening
    • Remco Groenenberg:                                   Storage Facilities and Wells
    • Arnaud Reveillere:                                        Economics and System Integration
    • Richard Schultz:                                            Societal Embeddedness of UHS
  • World Power to X Summit  2023, 19/09/2023, Marrakech

Chair, Paul Luchesse, presented “International collaboration on hydrogen –
Why it is important for international trade ” and also introduced de IEA Hydrogen TCP. Find the presentation here.

  • World Hydrogen & Renewables Iberia 2023, 12/09/2023, Riu Plaza España Madrid, (Spain)

Enrique Girón, from the IEA Hydrogen TCP Technical Secretariat,  presented one of our newest Open Tasks “Offshore Hydrogen Production” & María Pilar Argumosa, Executive Committee Representative for Spain , introduced the IEA Hydrogen TCP and other R&D initiatives. Find the presentation here.

  • IEA Hydrogen TCP Task 41 Final Workshop – Analysis and Modelling of Hydrogen Technologies, 11/09/2023, Online

-Chair Paul Lucchese introduced de IEA Hydrogen TCP . Find the presentation here.

-Rob Dickinson, Task Manager, presented the results from Task 41 and highlights of the Final Report. Find the presentation here.

-Paul Dodds, Subtask Manager, made a presentation on “Integrating hydrogen into ETSAP models”. Find the presentation here.

-Herib Blanco, Task Expert, presented “Model taxonomy for hydrogen energy systems”. Find the presentation here.

  • Clean Energy Ministerial 14 – Mission Innovation 8 , 20/07/2023, Goa (India)

Marina Holgado, Technical Secretariat Coordinator, introduced the Hydrogen TCP and the Awards of Excellence in session “Enablers for an acceleration of clean hydrogen production and uptake”. Check the video with the statement here.

  • Offshore Hydrogen Production: An IEA Hydrogen TCP Task in definition – 24/05/2023- Glasgow (UK)

Task expert Omar Ibrahim introduced the TiD related to offshore hydrogen production during the Wind Energy Science Conference 2023 in Glasgow (UK). Find the presentation here.

  • L’hydrogène: mythes & réalités – 04/05/2023, Aix Marseille Université, Marseille

Chair Paul Lucchese attended the “L’hydrogène: mythes & réalités” event and presented “The role of #hydrogen in the global energy transition: where do we stand?”. Find the presentation here.

  • 2nd International Hydrogen Congress – 21/04/2023, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Bogotá

Chair Paul Lucchese attended the 2nd International Hydrogen Congress and participated in the closing remark titled “Future, innovation and energy”. Find the presentation here.

  • Hydrogen Storage in Caverns – 29/03/2023, Geological Society, London

Serge van Gessel, Task Manager of Task 42, presented “Towards demonstration and implementation of underground hydrogen storage” in the event Hydrogen Storage in Caverns. Find the event program here.

  • Building blocks for E-fuel production-Workshop, 27/03/2023, Online

Vicechair, Marcel Weeda, presented “Hydrogen production, storage and transport for e-fuel production”. Find the workshop program here.

  • Hydrogen Production with Operating Nuclear Power Plants-Webinar, 23/03/2023, Online

Gilles Rodriguez, Task Manager of Task 44, participated in the webinar “Hydrogen Production with Operating Nuclear Power Plants, the Business Case”. Find the webinar program here.

  • Polish TCP Coordination Day, 23/03/2023, Online

Technical Secretariat Coordinator, Marina Holgado, introduced the Task Portfolio Status of the TCP during the Polish TCP Coordination Day. Find the presentation here.

  •  Clean Energy Ministerial SENIOR OFFICIALS’ MEETING & Mission Innovation ANNUAL GATHERING, 20/03/2023, Rio de Janeiro

Chair, Paul Lucchese, participated in the 2023 Clean Energy Ministerial SENIOR OFFICIALS’ MEETING AND Mission Innovation ANNUAL GATHERING. Find the presentation here.

  • Africa 21 Forum, 21/02/2023, Morocco

Enrique Girón, from the Techincal Secretariat participated in the panel  “What African model of the energy transition at a time of decarbonization”. Find the presentation here. 

  • IEA Transport Working Group, 08/12/2022
  • IETS 35th ExCo Meeting

Vice-chair Marcel Weeda gave a status report on the Hydrogen TCP. Find the presentation here.

  • Spanish Hydrogen Association 20th Anniversary, 22/11/2022, Madrid

Marina Holgado, Technical Secretariat Coordinator, introduced the Hydrogen TCP. Find the presentation here.

  • EU4ENERGY Policy Forum: Hydrogen, 22/11/2022, Tibilisi

Olmar Rubio, Technical Secretariat Assistant, presented an “Introduction to the Hydrogen TCP”. Find the presentation here.

  • Monaco Hydrogen Forum 2022, 21/11/2022

Paul Lucchese, IEA Hydrogen TCP Chair, participated in the panel Innovation Hubs: Building Centers of excelence in transportation and renewable hydrogen.

Find the congress program here.

  • World Hydrogen Congress 11/10/2022

Hydrogen TCP vice-chair Marcel Weeda, chaired the Stream A” Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production”. Find the presentation here.

  • 82nd REWP Working Party, 18/10/2022

Marina Holgado, Technical Secretariat Coordinator, presented the Annual Briefing from 2022. Find the presentation here.

  • H2LAC 2nd Hydrogen Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean 04/10/2022

Marina Holgado, Technical Secretariat Coordinator, participated in the panel “From pilot to commercially-viable projects: how do we make the leap”.

  • “Clean Hydrogen: A Call for Action” side-event in the Global Clean Energy Action Forum, 22/09/2022, Pittsburgh

Paul Lucchese participated in the second panel of the side event. Find his intervention here.

  • IEA Transport Coordination Group Meeting 2022 (22/09/2022)

Find the presentation by Paul Lucchese here.

  • Task 40 Expert’s Meeting, 21/09/2022, Madrid

Pilar Argumosa, as Spanish representative presented “Spanish contribution to the Hydrogen TCP”. Find it here.

  • Hydrogen economy development in the European dimension. Ways for mutually beneficial international cooperation, organized by State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, 04/08/2022, Online

Marina Holgado presented “International cooperation on hydrogen R&D: the Hydrogen TCP”. Find it here.

  • Clean Hydrogen Mission Workshop R&I: Opportunities, Challenges and Way Ahead, 04/08/2022

Access here to the presentation “Main challenges for rapid hydrogen deployment”.

  • G7 Hydrogen Action Pact Workshop, organized by IRENA, 07/07/2022, Online

Paul Lucchese presented “Hydrogen TCP work on safety and certification” find it here.

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 30/06/2022, Istambul

Access here to the presentation “The Hydrogen TCP for WHEC 2022”

  • World Power to X Summit, 23/06/2022, Marrakech

Download here the presentation “Hydrogen TCP, the key to international R&D collaboration” by Marina Holgado.

  • Nuclear Science Commitee, 10/05/2022, Online

Find here the presentation by Paul Lucchese.

  • European Hydrogen Energy Conference, 20/05/2022, Madrid

Presentation by Marcel Weeda on “Introduction to the Hydrogen TCP” here.

  • Hydrogen Online Workshop, 03/03/2022

Presentation by Paul Lucchese on “How to overcome the main hurdles for massive hydrogen deployment” here

  • Hydrogen Economy Europe, 02/12/2021, Online

Find the presentation by Paul Lucchese on “International Collaboration in R&D to Unlock Hydrogen Potential” here.

  • EGRD Webinar on Hydrogen in the Energy System Decarbonization, 24/11/2021, Online

Download here the presentation on “Hydrogen TCP, the key to international R&D collaboration” by Marina Holgado.

  • Green Hydrogen Production Workshop, ERA, 04/11/2021, Online

Download here the presentation by the Hydrogen TCP.

  • ERRA Webinar on Hydrogen, 04/11/2021, Online

Presentation on “The Road to Hydrogen Future” by Paul Lucchese here.

Video of the event here.

  • Task 39 Hydrogen in the Maritime Final Workshop, 27/10/2021, Online

Read the summary and access all available materials here.

  • Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe, 20-21/10/2021, Bremen, Germany

Download the presentation on “The importance of collaborative R&D in the hydrogen sector” by Erik Busche here.

  • Power to Hydrogen and Hydrogen to X Joint Workshop IEA- IEA Hydrogen TCP, 1/07/2021, Online

Find more information here.

  • ETIP Bioenergy 17th Steering Committee Meeting, 16/06/2021, Online

The role of hydrogen from renewable carbon resources (H2 from Biomass/ H2 for Bioenergy) presentation by Marina Holgado 


  • EUBCE, 26-29/04/2021, Online

The role of hydrogen from renewable resources to decarbonize industry, transport and grids presentation

  • UNECE’s Resource Management Week, 03/04/2021, Online

Underground Hydrogen Storage presentation by Serge van Gessel

  • Hydrogen in Society: Bridging the gaps, 07/04/2021, Online

Read about Paul Lucchese’s intervention as Chair of the Hydrogen TCP here.

  • Over-capacity, diversification or storage: where are the thresholds that maximise flexibility in RES-based systems? 11/03/2021, Online 

Organized by the Integrated Electricity Systems Coordination Group – End Uses Working Party, IEA

Power-to-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-to-X Presentation

  • IEA Fossil Energy Working Party, 11/12, 2020, Online

The role of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels in the decarbonization of transport

  • European Nuclear Society Workshop: Synergy between nuclear energy and hydrogen economy. A path towards affordable zero-carbon electricity, 10/12, 2020, Online

IEA’s vision of hydrogen Presentation 

  • IEA End Uses Working Party,09/12, 2020, Online 

The role of hydrogen in the decarbonization of industry

  • Webinar Global Gas Centre – Port de Marseille, 26/11, 2020, Online 
  • IEA Transport Coordination Group 16/11, 2020, Online
  • L’Hydrogène, Opportunités d’industrialisation au Maroc et retour d’expérience de l’industrie Française, 28/10, 2020, Online 
  • IEA Academy Session -Today in the lab tomorrow in energy. 22/10, 2020, Online
  • IEA Renewable Energies Working Pary (REWP) 30/09 and 01/10, 2020, Online
  • IEA Renewable Energies Working Plan. 6th International TCP Meeting and Webinar on Storage, 07/04, 2020, Online
  • WKO AFCO, 2020, Viena 

Hydrogen TCP presentation on H2B Tapping Hydrogen’s Potential: an IEA Hydrogen Perspective

  • Workshop on Hydrogen Production with CCS, 2019, Chatou, France 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Perspectives on hydrogen and IEA hydrogen activities

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Overview: Hydrogen Production. Today and Tomorrow

  • Electricity system revolution, NEA Workshop, 2019, Boulogne France

IEA Hydrogen presentation on The role of Hydrogen in the energy transition

  • International Hydrogen Forum, 2019, Rotorura, NZ

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Australian Update

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Hub for Collaboration in Hydrogen R,D&D

IEA Hydrogen presentation on IEA Hydrogen TCP 80th ExCo Meeting & Hydrogen Forum

IEA Hydrogen presentation on New Zealand Overview

  • AREDAY, 2019, Snowmass, CO

IEA Hydrogen presentation on The Hydrogen Space Update & Overview

  • Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, 2019, Washington, D.C.

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Energy Transitions and the Global Energy Value Chain. The Future of Hydrogen: Seizing today’s opportunities

  • 16th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems, 2018, Guangzhou

Task 32- Application of Hydrides in H2 Storage and Compression

Task 32- Catalytic hydrogenation and dehydrogenation

Task 32- Electrochemical Energy Storage

Task 32- Heat Storage using Metal Hydrides

Task 32- Hydrogen storage in porous materials

Task 32- Magnesium Based Materials for H2 Based Energy Storage

Task 32- The 20 Years of Complex Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2018, Rio de Janeiro

Task 39- Hydrogen in Maritime Transport Presentation

  • Electrofuels Workshop, 2018, Brussels
  • Stakeholder Workshop on Hydrogen Safety, 2017, Hamburg

EC-JRC contribution to IEA-H2 Task 31 and the new version of the Hydrogen Incident Accident Database (HIAD) Presentation

Task 37 – Hydrogen Safety Presentation

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Safety and Sustainability

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2017

IEA Hydrogen Technology diplomacy in practice Presentation

  • ICHS 2017

IEA Hydrogen: Safety and Sustainability Presentation

  • Fuel Cell Seminar, 2017

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Collaboration in Hydrogen R,D&D

  • EFC, 2017

IEA Hydrogen Vision and R,D&D: Current perspectives, future prospects Presentation

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2016, Zaragoza, Spain

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Cultivating Sustainability In the Climate Change Era

Task 29- Distributed Community Hydrogen (DISCO-H2) Presentation

Task 32- Hydrogen-based Energy Storage Presentation

Task 33- Local Hydrogen Supply for Energy Applications Presentation

Task 36- Harmonized Life Cycle Impacts of Renewable Hydrogen Presentation

Task 38- Power to H2 and H2 to X Presentation

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Technology diplomacy in practice

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2015, Sydney, Australia

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global RD&D Collaboration

  • HYPOTHESIS XI, 2015, Toledo, Spain 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Recent results and strategic direction

  • ICHS, 2015, Yokohama, Japan

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Activities: R,D&D Collaboration in the Evolving Hydrogen World

  • World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2014, Gwangju

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Introduction and Overview 2009-2015

IEA HIA: Strategic Direction 2015-2020

Task 28- Large-scale Hydrogen Delivery Infrastructure Presentation

Task 29- Distributed and Community Hydrogen (DISCO-H2) Presentation

Task 30- Global Hydrogen Systems Analysis Presentation

Task 32- Hydrogen-based Energy Storage Presentation

Task 33- Local Hydrogen Supply for Energy Applications Presentation

  • ITF 2014 Annual Summit, Leipzig, Germany

Presentation on Hydrogen as Transport Fuel

  • Energy Storage, 2012, Luxembourg

Presentation on Hydrogen: missing link for a sustainable energy system

  • 4th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2011, Dalian, China

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Collaborative R,D&D Hydrogen Portfolios

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Hydrogen Energy in the Developing World: A Leapfrogging Opportunity

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Enhancing Future Prospects for Hydrogen

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Harmony in International H2 collaboration 

Task 21- Bio-inspired and Biological Hydrogen Production Presentation

  • 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2010, Essen, Germany

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Sustainable International Framework & Strategies for Collaborative RD&D in Hydrogen Energy

  • World Economic Congress, 2010, Montreal, Canada 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Enhancing Prospects for Hydrogen in the Energy Mix

  • Fuel Cell Seminar, 2010, San Antonio, Texas, USA 

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Positioning Hydrogen for a Global Marketplace through R,D&D, Analysis and Outreach

  • National Hydrogen Association Conference & Expo, 2010, Long Beach, CA

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Production and Other Activities: Current and Prospective 2009-2014

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2009, New Delhi, India

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Strategic Plan for the Next Five Years 2009-2014

  • S4FE, 2009, Rome, Italy

IEA Hydrogen presentation on R,D&D Portfolio and Fossil Fuels with a Hydrogen Future

  • Fuel Cell Seminar, 2008, Phoenix, Arizona

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Cooperation in the Field of Hydrogen Energy

  • Roads2HyCom with IEA Hydrogen Workshop, 2008, Athens, Greece

IEA Hydrogen presentation on Global Collaboration in Hydrogen R,D&D

  • 17th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2008, Brisbane, Australia 

Task 19 Hydrogen Safety Effort In Developing Uniform Risk Acceptance Criteria For The Hydrogen Infrastructure Presentation

IEA Hydrogen presentation on R,D&D to Supply Hydrogen Energy For a Changing World

  • 20th World Energy Congress, 2007, Rome

IEA Hydrogen presentation on A Model R,D&D Collaboration in an Interdependent World

  • World Hydrogen Technologies Convention, 2007, Montecatini, Italy

IEA Hydrogen presentation on R,D&D Contributions to Hydrogen Sustainability

  • 16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference, 2006, Lyon, France

Three Decades of Collaborative Hydrogen R&D Presentation